A picture can say more than a thousand words.

That is why we have we have found the best moments

from our adventures with and witout weapons.



Articles, TV and books

This is a display of our contribution via other channels of media. Unfortunately it is all i Danish, but soon you can find the articles in English elsewhere on this website. 

Book by Zenia Maltha


Michael is one of the 30 very different Danish hunters you will meet in this book from Zenia Maltha with each one telling their unique story.

With 30 mini portraits she paints a picture of the the person behind the camouflage, young and older, men and women. Followed by their own hunting experiences with rifle, shotgun or bow, and their private photos, you get more than just a trophy picture of the end result of the hunt. This is a collection of personal stories with pulse and strong feelings and you cannot help but being captivated. Even if you are not a hunter yourself!

Life on the line


In this episode of the Danish TV show called “Life on the line” (Med livet som indsats) about how to survive a deadly stunt by using the laws of physics, The hosts are trying to prove how you can stand safely in front of a deadly weapon, by using the force of water recistance. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!

My role is to explaine the mechanical principles of bowhunting and how an arrow works compared to a bullet. I am shooting an already dead pig and State Coroner Peter Thiis is doing an autopsy to show what damage the arrow has caused to the inner organs. This clip starts 10:30 min. into the episode.