Looking back at 2016

Some of you might think that I\’m loosing it, when you read through this, but I can assure you that I am the same, Sitka Gear Fanatic, same gadget freak and same passionate hunter as always! But when it´s Christmas, I can\’t help looking back at the year of 2016 and I can\’t help being incredibly grateful! 

Few people know that for the last 20 years pain and limitations have been a daily part of my life, trying to dictate what I can and what I can\’t do. A car crash in 1996 changed my life and so did a 4 meter fall at work, head first on a concrete floor, in 2007.

For a long time I have let these impossibilities\’\’ have the loudest voice in my life. I no longer want to navigate after what I can´t do – but instead I ask my self, how I can do it anyway. That\’s why this year has been so different.

Until now Huntmypassion has been about building up, but 2016 has been remarkable and pretty crazy for me. Thank you for responding and for following me. Your comments have kept me busy and it has been a great journey!

This summer I got to spend two months in the US with my family. Time off! Nothing bonds like adventure! The boy\’s trip to Lake Tahoe and the ATV-ride in Nevada, with my 15 year old son stands out. But everything has a price and it was worth it all!

I hiked to the top of Lassen Peak (10.457 ft / 3187 m) with my family and only 70% lung capacity left. A lesson in never giving up that I will never forget. You need good people in your life to cheer you on, because when you want to give up the most, you don\’t know how close you are to making it! Now I know that my dream about hunting for wild game with bow and/or rifle in the mountains doesn\’t have to stay a dream, but I can actually do it with the proper training and help.

The two months also included a great hunt for my first wild boar and a coyote in Texas in a humid heat I thought was reserved for another planet!!

This fall I went on a amazing hunt with generous new friends in Belgium, where I got a first hand experience of how hunting can bring together generations, couples, lifelong friendships and a beautiful picture of how tradition and our responsibilities for taking care of wildlife can go hand in hand!

2016 had countless moments, while hunting, where I got to breathe in the beauty of nature!! Actually one of the best days was a dove hunt. Only a few birds, but an amazing time with my 12 year old daughter as the camera man!

I got to have fun while shooting a tv show, that dives into science and shows the powers involved in hunting (see the link on the front page).

Through the blessings on my life I got to bless the two buddies closest to me. Favor should not only be used to build a personal empire but to serve and empower others.

I had the privilege to partner with some of the best! Sitka Gear, Vortex, Stallon, Work Sharp Tools and Viper-Flex. Brands that I am proud to be associated with! Amazing and passionate people. Thank you for believing in me and helping me feel limitless within my limits.

Success for me, is not (believe it or not 😉 ) measured in the pile of stuff or the number of killings, but in good memories of joy – alone or with people I love, the gift of new relationships, doing things I thought was out of my reach and conquering the impossible, which is different for all of us.

Isn\’t the heart of Christmas all about a King who became vulnerable to give us all He had? To give us life and life abundantly?
2016 has been a year of adventure, hope and experiencing that people believe in me. A year of tasting the goodness of God, though my circumstances haven\’t changed.
It feels like God is restoring what I had lost and for that I am forever grateful.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with life and adventure to all of you!


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