One of my favorite places to sit with my bow have been changed to a pile of trees and branches. After the latest storm there was a lot of trees knock over by the wind.  My best place turned from being a transit hallway for the animals to a totally silent area. (see video here: Trailcam)

The nature is changing constantly and the animals rutines are changing with it. As hunters we have to adapt to what the nature dictates but sometimes we also have a important role to play. There is a very fine and thin balance between where to interfere with the nature and where not to. but it all depends on what your intentions are.

I like to know the animals rutines and which deer there is and in which health they have. That´s why I decided to clear the pile of trees and branches and change the deers rutines back to their original path.

I try to leave the forest in a stronger condition and with more opportunities than before. I didn\’t clear all the fallen trees because I also like to let the nature play its own role in how it changes and gives new life and opportunity for shelter and food through rotten trees. I also put all the branches in a long narrow pile between some of the old trees.

Now i look forward to follow the deer from my favorite spot again and hopefully harvest some deer during the next season.

IMG_3836             IMG_3838