RS 700 – The smootest straight-pull action in the world – in a new suit.

My curiosity when it comes to new gear, often leads to more… But I never imagined that a hunting fair would take me to the heart of the factory where Strasser produces the rifles that really fascinates me. The result is the video you will find below.

It has been “love at first shot” since my first real date with a Strasser riffle in the darkness of the shooting cinema at the Korsholm hunting store. Since then, a RS14 has moved in with me and joined me on many hunts, trips to the shooting range and different shooting competitions. a

The essence of a Strasser

Strasser is a family-owned producer of riffles, known for their pretty unique strait pull action in my opinion. The repetition requires a minimum of power and the finish and the mechanical functions, fully matches – and then some, other strait pull actions. The level of smoothness is extremely high and noticeable as soon as you hold the rifle and particularly if you get the opportunity to take it to the range.

Ultimo 2022 Strasser announced the launching of a new rifle. Their RS 700, a sort of “3-in-1”-model, is the world’s first strait pull action with a Remmington 700 footprint, which allows custom adjustments with an endless amount of aftermarket parts from other brands, that all fit this standard. The model has barely hit the shelves of the Danish hunting stores, to give you a chance to feel and compare the three different stocks. Wood or synthetic for hunting or a sportier looking stock for long distance shooting, all in combination with barrels in three different lengths and diameters.

I have been waiting to see whether they succeeded to maintain the finish and the essence of a Strasser and had to travel to get my hands on it. But I was not disappointed.

The IWA trade fair in Nüremberg

February, March and April are season for hunting and outdoor fairs. The fairs are a very good opportunity to get your hands on alle the different gear you might be dreaming of and wishing for. It gives you time to dig into details, ask questions and maybe understand some of the thoughts behind the design. And it is definitely a place for networking. But it is also a place where you easily can loose your way in all the needs you didn’t know you had!

But the IWA trade fair in Nürnberg in the beginning of March is different to most Outdoor fairs in size and because it does not target the ordinary consumer,
They address dealers, distributors of gear, as well as journalists, social media people and others advertising the different products. Even though IWA in the 8 exhibition halls(!) covers everything from soft gunners, hunting and outdoor, to military and police, it is a unique window into the hunting industry. We as hunters are a part of that world, whether we want it or not.

Reaching out to Strasser

Before IWA I corresponded by mail with Caroline Strasser to find out if they would be at the fair, hoping to meet them and get to hear about the thoughts behind their newest idea. I got the message that Matthias Strasser would attend the trade fair, but their schedule was fully booked…

So, the strategy was to pass the Strasser stand on a regular basis during our two-day cruise through “Gear-Mecca”. Maybe there would be time for a tiny conversation in between the meetings…?

The first time we politely asked about the Strasser team, we were told they had already left. The second day the kind receptionist gave us a similar answer.

Last shot

Sunday was our last day in Nüremberg, and we were actually heading home. But at one last visit to the Strasser stand we coincidentally met a guy in a Strasser hoodie, who I recognized as Martin Skrivanek, Strasser developer and the mind behind the new RS 700. A humble gunsmith/ engineer, head of the technical department with smiling eyes that lit up when we told him, that this model was one of the main reasons for us to drive 9 hours down through Germany.

He introduced the RS 700 as his “brain baby”. It is the result of four years of pondering, tears and sleepless nights before they now are ready to send it out into the world. When Martin grabbed a demonstration model of a riffle action and passionately began to tell us how they have solved the different technical challenges, no one could see that this was his fourth day on the fair and his third fair in three weeks! This is the reason this year’s primary hastag of IWA is #ShareThePassion.

We had 10 minutes between two meetings and got an invitation to meet them at the factory in Salzburg, Austria. No need to repeat that! In April I booked a flight to Austria, packed my camera and unleashed my curiosity.
The video is the result. We are not pros, – yet, but we are having fun!

My visit at Strasser

During the time spent with Matthias Strasser and Martin Skrivanek I felt their passion and dedication, and I hope it transcends the screen. The first part is a tour around the factory where I had the privilege of getting a view into the production and the Strasser world. The second part of the video is a way too short conversation with two of the guys behind the smoothest straight pull action in the world! Because thorough and passionate people are my kind of people!


P.S: The RS 700 is found in the Danish hunting stores this summer of 2023 so check out the dealers close to you! If you never held a Strasser before you might want to consider it carefully… It could be “love at first shot”.

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