Hunting and travelstories

In need of a survival trip

For years Michael has wanted to go canoeing, so this little get away next to Gudenåen (the longsest stream of flowing water in Denmark) is actually last year’s anniversary gift from me to him.

Buddies, boars and beers. Part 2

A birthdaypresent from Steen’s wife gave us three days of hunting in Slovakia with a mix of regular and driven hunts for wildboar and deer with locals… and a party!

Buddies, boars and beers. Part 1

My friendship with Steen goes approximately 25 years back, so the challenge was taken very seriously when his wife asked me to arrange a hunting trip as his birthday present.

Thoughts and comments from a hunterswife – Day 2/5

Monday, I left our two teenage kids to drive 15 hours with my husband to spend several days hunting, which is something I have paid so little attention to during the 2 decades we have been married.

Fallow deer doublé

Today, I received a very generous invitation from a new hunting friend, Anders, to go deer hunting. That is a little hard to say no to.

Hunting wild boar in Texas

I have been on a vacation with my family. We wanted to go to Redding, CA for two month and spend a lot of time with good friends and enjoy the incredible nature in Northern California. While we were there i went to Texas for a wild boar hunt.

Management buck

Last night I was sneaking around after this roebuck in 1,5 hours and was so close to get him with the bow.