Time to test Bow of the year from 2015 in USA

The Danish importer of Xpedition bows (www.buetikken.dk) have asked me to test one of their bows Xcentric 7, through the next hunting season. I look forward to stretch it the its limits (or rather mine) and write some reviews and impressions during the season.

I opened the packed and put a smile on my face because the bow just looks awesome and asks to go shooting in a hurry 🙂

The finish on the bow is pretty good. The feeling on the paint job is nice, comfortable and precise. i put on the sights and rest and shot an arrow from 5m – made a little adjustment and shot a couple more from 10 m and the arrow was now in the yellow center – walked out to 18m and shot the last arrows and was pretty amazed about how well it is shooting right out of the packed.

I have to be honest and say that I can´t even remember how the handle was feeling. That could possible be because it is perfect to me or many other factors had my attention. I will let you now next time I write again.

i can´t tell you my real experience with the noise and vibration on the bow because the standard setup gear that the shop send with the bow was not worthy to sit on this bow. So I will have to owe you an ansver on that one to.

In the mean time you can read the field & Streams test of the 2015 models:

i look forward to get a proper setup on the bow and get to know it much better