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Having fun with Stalon W110

I have the honor of owning a Stalon W110 for my Sako M591 cal .308 and Sako Vixen Cal .222 and a Stalon RM for my CZ 455 rimfire. I have been shooting with it in four month and I am very impressed.

Hunting wild boar in Texas

I have been on a vacation with my family. We wanted to go to Redding, CA for two month and spend a lot of time with good friends and enjoy the incredible nature in Northern California. While we were there i went to Texas for a wild boar hunt.

Xpedition Xcentric 7

I have had this Xpedition Xcentric 7, in about two month and I like shooting it. I have a very bad shoulder and an operation didnt make it better. So I am very sensitiv for bows, with a stiff draw cycle and hard to hold. I am no expert, at draw cycles and all that, …

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