Management buck

Last night I was sneaking around after this roebuck in 1,5 hours and was so close to get him with the bow.

He kept walking in circles and I busted him three times (because of the wind) but he kept coming back the same place. 

This morning I  could hear him snoring in his bed. Right at sunrise he woke up and walked right out in front of me at 26m. I drew my bow (Xpedition Xcentric 7) and he just stood looking into the sunrise with his front towards me for such a so long time (1-2 minutes) my arms and back was burning in pain. He finally turned and I let the arrow fly but it passed right under him.

To be honest I was so pumped with adrenaline that I didn’t think right and should have let the bow down and not taken the shot. He stopped at 60m looked back to see what happened and I quickly took my rifle (Sako .308) and shot him. Things go so fast and in a slow way the same time and thousands thoughts go through your mind in that short period of time.

I am so happy and blessed with this buck. He is not the biggest buck because it turned out he was infected with an insect in his throat. That’s why he was snoring so bad and it would only make him weaker and weaker. It was my last possible hunt this spring season because we are going on a family adventure to California in three days and many things have to be prepared. Soon  I will be hunting wild boar in Santo, Texas in July  with Jay Presti from Bluecollaradventures.