Fueling the passion for the Hunt, the Story and the Partnership

Buck season is finally here! The time from January to May can be somewhat of a limbo for us hunters, but it is over! While spring is changing nature, a lot of changes are also in the making for Hunt My Passion.

In the middle of the hunting season of the fall, I want to slow down time, to make the most of it. And then as soon as it is over, I want to speed up time to fast forward to spring and the buck season.

But this year I chose to make the most of this season in between. In February my focus has been predator hunting for fox and in March and April it was crow regulation with decoys and calls, trying to develop the skills to outsmart these clever animals. I didn’t get out as much as I would like, and I wonder if I will ever be able to say that. But I did get the skin of the biggest and most beautiful fox I have ever shot, sent off for tanning and expect to receive it soon.


But another priority has been to invest time in raw practice and allowing myself to fine tune my shooting techniques. I can feel it fueling the passion and the expectation for the hunts to come.

I think every hunter knows the conflict between the drive for going hunting and the longing to give your loved ones the best of you. The hunting related part of my life is huge, but in many ways separate from family life.

My #1

Though it doesn’t get a lot of written attention on this page, one of the biggest passions in my life is my family and marriage. My wife Mette, who is already the wordsmith behind some of the articles and blog posts, resigned from her job as a dentist three years ago, changing lane, in an attempt to simplify life. Instead of helping the many, she was pouring into one life, as a personal helper for a woman with disabilities.

Working 24 h shifts made space for creativity with words and telling the stories of life, which has been her growing passion during the last few years. Now she is slowly returning to the dental business.

But since New Years we have intentionally been teaming up on Hunt My Passion, as she mostly will do the writing and leave the fun stuff to me! It might seem like an unfair distribution of assignments, but she assures me that being the architect of words, to her, is considered the fun part. That leaves very little room for unhealthy competition between us and makes us the perfect team in more than one way!

As she says: “I’m already inside your head… I might as well make something out of it.”

From .dk to .com

Our website changes to www.huntmypassion.com and in time you will find all the articles in both English and Danish. We hope you will check it out and find a good hunting story or some useful tips and tricks about gear and shooting! But please bear with us, as it is currently under reconstruction and we apologize for the remaining improvements needed to be done.

It is hard to describe the joy, when someone so close to you, chooses to step into this parallel universe of hunting with curiosity and excitement. Like when Mette and the kids joined me for the New Years shooting event at the range where I work. Just for fun, she shot well enough to pass the practical part of the hunter’s license at both 100m and 200m!


There is no doubt that I would love for her to pass the hunters exam and get the license herself, hoping that she then will understand my passion for wildlife and the outdoors.

But as far as I know there is no sign of that happening neither this year nor the coming… We share the longing for adventure that has already caused her to join me on hunting trips and game fairs several times, and we both love it for different reasons.

What a gift to be able to share this with her. It is a big one for us as the kids grow older and more independent. Our dream is that more shared adventures also mean more adventures to share on Hunt My Passion – And we will definitely keep you posted!

Wishing you a great buck season! Get out there!

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