Fallow deer doublé

Today, I received a very generous invitation from a new hunting friend, Anders, to go deer hunting. That is a little hard to say no to.

So I left home and arrived with my friend approximately at 6pm. It was a nice evening and at 07:44pm (legal shooting time is until sunset 08.12pm) I heard a little crackling sound from the branches and could see movement in the trees where I was sitting in a tree stand. I just wanted to take a picture to prove to my friend that there was something close to me. When I took the picture, I could see that its fur was spotted and that it was a little young fallow deer.

I laid the camera aside and got the rifle up and ready. The deer went right by my stand at about 1 m. I was sitting about 4 m up and I had to spread my legs to aim downward. I shot and it went down. In the same second I saw a large deer and a doe come out of the field away from me. I got a new cartridge in the chamber and followed the deer and as it turned at about 70 meters, I gave an accurate bullet to the heart. It tumbled around a few times and fell. All this took about 5-7 seconds. It was hard to grasp how unique a situation I found myself in. It takes probably a few days to understand.

Now I am finally in bed here at 1 am after having dragged two fallow deer into the trunk of a Seat Altea and out again, had them hung up in the garage and cleaned a little better, than I had energy to in the field with dramatically amount of adrenaline pumping around my body.

Thanks to my friend Simon for helping with the heavy lifting of the deer out of the car and hanging them up even at was 23.15 before I was at home. And thanks to my cousin Jesper, who is a butcher. Two deers at the same time are more meat than I can handle alone! 


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