Thoughts and comments from a hunters wife – Day 1/5

This week I am going seriously hunting for the first time in my life. Well… I will only be photo shooting while my husband will do the real stuff.

Seen from the perspective of someone who doesn’t quite share the passion, hunting is a really expensive and time-consuming hobby. There is also a lot of things connected to the hunting world that I don’t understand, and often times I end up laughing and making jokes about those things. Just to mention: the silencers for his rifles always remind me of the splash guns the kids used to play with in summer. When I see three serious grown-up men walking in their outfits with their splash guns I can’t help but giggle. None of these jokes are meant to be patronizing (or “matronizing”).
So for once in my life I decided to follow my husband, the man I love and respect, on an hunting adventure to Slovakia with a bow (which I think is pretty cool though), a rifle and me with a camera. His goal is to harvest wild boar and roebuck. My goal is to understand or a least dive in to the wonder of things I don’t understand. And there sure is a lot of things that makes me wonder…
– I wonder why a man, that out of season loves his bed, suddenly wants to get up at 2:30 am as many days as possible? (Yes sunrise is pretty early at danish midsummer)
– I wonder why all the equipment is such a big deal?
– I wonder why he invests so much time in a hobby, that seems to have so little outcome?
– I basically wonder why my husband loves hunting so much?
This could be an inspiration for a new DC Comics movie: The adventures of Green Arrow and Wonder Woman!
Jokes aside. I guess I am processing while I am writing, slowly realizing that I am actually filled with respect for the men and women that choose to follow a passion that doesn’t necessarily give you instant gratification. That is especially true for bow hunters.

Jumping out of an airplane will guaranteed give you an adrenaline rush. But by going hunting you surrender your agenda to the weather and nature itself, which gives you no guarantee of the fulfillment of your goals. The many hours of watching for the buck you know is in the area, the hours of watching the animals you still choose to let go, the hours of watching and seeing no animals, that builds patience and patience builds character. I see that now.

I used to think that hunting is his world and didn’t bother to pay attention. I wonder what else I haven’t noticed. But this week in Slovakia gives me a chance to catch up.
We will keep you posted!

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