Fallow deer doublé

Today, I received a very generous invitation from a new hunting friend, Anders, to go deer hunting. That is a little hard to say no to.

Having fun with Stalon W110

I have the honor of owning a Stalon W110 for my Sako M591 cal .308 and Sako Vixen Cal .222 and a Stalon RM for my CZ 455 rimfire. I have been shooting with it in four month and I am very impressed.

Hunting wild boar in Texas

I have been on a vacation with my family. We wanted to go to Redding, CA for two month and spend a lot of time with good friends and enjoy the incredible nature in Northern California. While we were there i went to Texas for a wild boar hunt.

Xpedition Xcentric 7

I have had this Xpedition Xcentric 7, in about two month and I like shooting it. I have a very bad shoulder and an operation didnt make it better. So I am very sensitiv for bows, with a stiff draw cycle and hard to hold. I am no expert, at draw cycles and all that, …

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Management buck

Last night I was sneaking around after this roebuck in 1,5 hours and was so close to get him with the bow.


One of my favorite places to sit with my bow have been changed to a pile of trees and branches. After the latest storm there was a lot of trees knock over by the wind.  My best place turned from being a transit hallway for the animals to a totally silent area. (see video here: Trailcam)